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O kapybaře, která chtěla létat

The book I have written and illustrated named "O kapybaře, která chtěla létat" ("The Capybara that Wanted to Fly") was officially published in the Czech Republic on December 12 2011 by Zoner Press the publishing house. Thank you very much for your support!

Pictures till 2008

Coro and Sheena
Forest Path
Beware of comic characters!
Dragon Heroes Cover
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Updates of this gallery are currently on hiatus. To see selected examples of newer artwork please visit the Portfolio.


This is an online gallery of Iva Vyhnánková alias Fany, a student from the . Here you can find drawings of all kinds and genres, digital and traditional pictures and even some wallpapers for your desktop.

All material is made by me, so if you want to use any part of it, please ask me first at fanyart(at) (wallpapers and banners are of course free to use to their purposes). Feedbacks of any sort are welcome - please write something to the GuestBook or talk about anything in the Forums.



Illustration Coro and Sheena.
Illustration Goodtimes.
Poster Dragon Heroes.
Illustration Beware of comic characters!.
Illustration Forest Path.
Forest Path is now available as a print.
Illustration Guinea-Pigs.
Guinea Pigs poster is now available as a print.
New gallery!
Poster of Dragon Heroes.
Illustration Artistic Angee 2007.
Both pictures are available as prints.
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