Some fantasy creatures or fantasy scenes - shortly The Dreamworld. All was drawn digital with tablet.
Number of Pictures: 14
Pictures, character sheets and ilustrations for my comics Asheron and Dragon Heroes (and for hundreds of my planned comics :) ). But NOT any comic pages.
Number of Pictures: 29
Pictures made "to order". If you want me to draw an illustration, poster or anything else too, more you can find in Commissions.
Number of Pictures: 19
Pictures and illustrations made for the Czech Geological Survey for popularization of the geology purpose.
Number of Pictures: 3
Graphic concepts for visit-cards, leaflets, posters, etc.
Number of Pictures: 8
Some fantasy creatures and fantasy scenes - all is drawn with pencil, colored pencils, pastels, tempera...
Number of Pictures: 8
Studies and drawings of animals which really live on the Earth :) Most of them are mine - especially those guinea-pigs!
Number of Pictures: 11
Photomanipulations of my friend's and brother's photos and other stuff - mostly jokes :)
Number of Pictures: 4
Animated characters made in Photoshop and ImageReady (there's nothing better on the school computers). Not recommended for users with slow processors.
Number of Pictures: 3
Concepts for new pics, heroes of the comics in action, design of fantasy creatures, some ideas... Pencil or digital.
Number of Pictures: 5
I wasn't satisfied with my previous school Hollarka, so I got to a new, but very modern school called MICHAEL, Private Secondary School of Creation of Advertisement. I really enjoy studying there, because we make a lot of interesting things. Here are some examples.
Number of Pictures: 9
When I was at my previous school, Hollarka, people often asked me if I had learned to draw this stuff in that school (because it's the most famous art school in the Czech Rep.). Erm, I must say, no. Here are some sample images of things which we made in our superfamous Václav Hollar Art School :)
Number of Pictures: 11
Free pictures for your desktop with some fantasy creatures, main heroes of comics and other, which you can easily download.
Number of Pictures: 7
Something really very old - ilustrations for my book named The Smashing Crowd (and a bit of others). These pics I drew, I think, from my 11 years to 14. Then was a lot of them, here are "some" for example :) So that's my way of art!

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