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Pictures, character sheets and ilustrations for my comics Asheron and Dragon Heroes (and for hundreds of my planned comics :) ). But NOT any comic pages.
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Heroes of Dragon Heroes

Heroes of Dragon Heroes
Jun 2006
Cafepress (Fayllen, Mirrage) | Zazzle (Fayllen, Dark)
New portraits of the main characters from my comic Dragon Heroes.
From left top: Fayllen, Mirrage and Stacey, the three oldest characters + Zeero the spider on Mirrage's left ear, at the next line are Daisuke (a japanese samurai), R-Jay (a snowboard racer from the North) and Cailynn, below Choco Jo (a saxophone player), antihero Zephire with luminous eyes and at the end Acid-Ash, a computer hacker. At the middle bottom is Dark, Stacey's 'megadog', and the last one is a previos version of Fayllen, so you can ignore it.
Goodtimes will never be forgotten Coro and Sheena Forest Path
Beware of comic characters! Dragon Heroes - Cover Guinea-Pigs
Artistic Angee 2007 Dragon Heroes Trilobite
Friends from Pet Shop Singing Guinea-pig Fayllen - Digital Hero
Cisco the Chinchilla Carry on Smiling Reaching the Sky
Zephire No Way Out... Your Friends Will Always Protect You
Heroes of Dragon Heroes Chibi Mirrage This isn't that hope you are waiting for...
Pixelay.exe Portrait of Danstin Pixelay
Mirrage Save the World Characters Trilobyte
Action Mirrage The Four Guinea-Pigs

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