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Pictures made "to order". If you want me to draw an illustration, poster or anything else too, more you can find in Commissions.
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Finding Fossils

Finding Fossils
Nov 2006
An illustration for a kids and teens book.
Guinea-Pigs Cliparts Max 2007 Mini 2007
Evil Mushroom Poster of Max Finding Fossils
Max 2006 Mini 2006 Poster of Mini
Mr. Leaf - the Proud Citizen of Králův Dvůr Max, Mini and Moas (pg. 2) Max, Mini and Moas (pg. 1)
Poster of Max Max, Mini and Mammoths (pg. 2) Max, Mini and Mammoths (pg. 1)
Mice Design for the facing of the firm ENERGO KD Poster of geologic exhibition

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